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    Grinm Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. ("GRIAM"), originally known as Grinm Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd., and solely sponsored by General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals ("GRINM") through fund raising, was established in March 1999 and listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange with a registered capital of 838.78 million RMB. The registered address is No. 43 of Bei San Huan Zhong Lu, Haidian District, Beijing.

    GRIAM specializes in R&D and manufacturing of advanced materials including rare earth materials, optoelectronic film materials, biomedical materials, rare and precious metals, infrared optical and optoelectronic materials, optical fiber materials etc. GRIAM is one of the leading advanced material enterprises in the nonferrous metals industry in China. It holds or indirectly holds ten companies, out of which four key subsidiaries are, Grikin Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. ("GRIKIN"), Grirem Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. ("GRIREM"), GRINM Electro-optic Materials Co., Ltd. ("GRIEOM") and GRINM Guojing Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.